Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Seasonal Pillow Covers

Hey All!
Tis the season for crafting, no? I got started on my own seasonal decor with some new covers for three of my throw pillows. Previously they were a mish-mosh of pink and burgandy and asparagus green, now they're all light blue velvet and cream and gold brocade!

Aren't they purty? I made this one first:

With the brocade on one side and the blue velvet on the other.

I thought that looked a little bland, so on the next one I did brocade on both sides with an edge all around and stitched on the word "joy" in the blue velvet. 

For the large square pillow I wanted to do a bold image, but not something that would look silly after Christmas was over, so I decided to do a bird. Let me say now I suck at art. So I took inspiration from a partridge-like bird I saw appliqued onto a pillow at HomeGoods last summer. Can I find that photo now? Of course not. So you'll just have to take my word for it that this is a good adaptation!

It's a little odd... but if I think of it as a penguin, or an homage to Despicable Me, it works! 
I'll probably go back and stencil something on that plain pillow with fabric paint, but I need to get some paint first, so that's on hold!

For now they all look quite nice lined up on my fancy couch. (That's as opposed to the big comfy couch!) Tembo seemed to think I needed to pay more attention to him and less attention to those pillows! Funny boy... 
I've been working on my Christmas mantel, so check back soon to check that out!
: ) 

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