Friday, September 23, 2011

Vintage and Thrift Finds

Hey Everyone!
One thing my mom and I have in common is a love of thrifting. I think we're not alone! : ) And one of the best places I know to partake in that pass-time is Maine, where we just happen to go every summer for family vacation!

I already told you all about the amazing score I got on my enamel kitchen table, but there's lots more! Let's start with my random negligee obsession. I don't know where it came from, but I decided I NEEDED some sexy vintage nighties! Happily, both Goodwill and The Schoolhouse Antique Mall in Brewer were able to provide!

First I found this cute 60's babydoll at Goodwill:

Super cute and not too terribly see-through, which means it can actually be sleepwear!

These next two, both from Schoolhouse Antiques, not so much... but hello sexy!

How can you not fall for an aqua blue, off-the-shoulder, ruffled floor length piece? For $6! You have to take it, right? Well, I did. Can't photograph it for the life of me, but you get the idea here, right?

And finally, on the second floor of the Schoolhouse (the place is a bit terrifying when you get up to the second and third floors and you can see how much that building is falling apart, but it's worth it!) I found this total Scarlett (or maybe Dallas!) number:

How about that? The nightie and the matching over-piece still together after how long?! Nine bucks, baby!

That one's worth a second picture- look at those sleeves! Such a fantasy piece, it's great!

Ok, now onto the slightly less scandalous category of decor items.
Well, I guess this first one still counts as apparel, but I'm using it as a tablecloth, so I'm leaving it here!

This is a Ralph Lauren silk scarf that someone got some ink marks on (that aren't very visible), Goodwill $1.50. Perhaps I should have pressed it before I photographed it... oh well!

At two different Goodwills (I think one was actually in Framingham, MA), I found a couple of cute mirrored trays:

This oval one graces the back of my toilet tank, holding (for now!) a potted African violet and some hand lotion.

And this larger rectangular one is wrangling perfumes on the bookshelf in my bedroom! Less than $3 each, and I loved seeing an almost identical rectangular one at an antique store later that same day selling for $28! Gotta love Goodwill!

Over at the Salvation Army in Brewer we found a couple nice things:

First, these adorable milk glass vases. They had about a million, most fairly boring shapes and only two or three different ones, but I dug around until I found these cuties!

And the story of this marble-top table makes me laugh.

Mom and I had arrived a moment or two before the store opened, and we weren't the only ones to be waiting in the vestibule, pressing our noses against the window for a sneak-peek. I spotted this table not to far in and pointed it out to Mom, who declared it a perfect fit for the empty bed-side spot in the guest room she uses at my place. So as the employee unlocked the door, Mom distracted the other two shoppers for a moment while I dashed in and grabbed that table! Know how much it was? $8! The marble top is actually cracked,

But it's right on the grain of the marbling, so you can't see unless you look re-e-e-ally hard!

And finally, artwork:

Both of these pieces came from Big Chicken Barn Antiques, which is where I also found my kitchen table. I love the colors in this little one (about 9x11), and I was looking for water scenes, so for $10 it came home!

And another nice water scene, more quintessentially Maine, for $15.

All right, I think that's about all of this season's score! Unfortunately I missed both the July and September sessions at Brimfield (I was hoping to score an umbrella stand!), but there's always next year!

How about you all, any favorite thrifting/antiquing spots? I'd love to hear!

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