Saturday, August 13, 2011

Enamel Kitchen Table

Hey All!
I just got back from a great week up in Maine at the family camp. Actually, it was a very chilly, damp week, but that just gave us more time for thrifting and antiquing! Today I want to share with you the most exciting find of the week:

My beautiful, new (to me) enamel top kitchen table!
I'm afraid I wasn't a terribly good blogger and didn't even think to take a picture of the table all buried in the antique store (if you're wondering, it came from Big Chicken Barn Antiques in Ellsworth.) Suffice to say she was buried enough that we needed help to dig her out, and more than a little dirty and rusty!

There I am, all decked out in my fancy cleaning gloves, scrubbing the rust off her chrome legs with Bar Keepers Friend.

See how much better they look after a liberal application of elbow grease? (That would be the top one in that picture...)

The biggest chip is proudly displayed on the front of the table- no look-alikes here! After I scrubbed the top with a sponge, followed by magic eraser, my Mom's husband went at it with some car polish and BOY did that make her shine! See the chair reflection on there?!

She looks right at home with my iron trivet on the wall and apron collection hanging on my DIY display board. The only question left is whether to paint the apron a nice high-gloss to match the cabinets in the room, or to let it be. The household is divided. Okay, I'm the only holdout for letting it be! (Hubby, though, has yet to get past the head scratching point at all!)

So what say you all? Should I paint the apron a high gloss greenish-blue to match the curtain on the right (which matches the cabinet interiors?) Or leave it be?
Incidentally, the cute painting over the table is also a new find, I'll share more about the rest later!

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