Monday, March 29, 2010

Project ADD

What is it about spring that makes me so antsy to DO things?

Like most people, I've got a list in my head. There were a couple of projects that were on the "oh that would be nice, at some point..." list, and a few "hm, maybe I could try" ideas, and a couple actual "ok, but next up is..." sorts of things. But somehow as soon as the weather started getting warm, all my plans went out the window.
So rather than tiling the bathroom floor, which was "next", I've got something going on here:

And something down here:

And this was an interesting surprise that added itself to a project:

I was working on this last week:

And am one step away from finishing it.

I picked this up:

And have some fun plans for it.

I've got a little bit of this going on in the uber-traditional living room:

And in case all that weren't enough, I got started on this this afternoon:

Phew! Just listing it all makes my back hurt a little!
I'm blaming it all on the upcoming Derby party. I've always found that a crowd of people headed to my house really gets me motivated!
Hubby is doubting my ability to finish it all by May 1st, which of course has just made me even more determined to do it!

Do you all have spring project fever?

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Flaviana said...

wow! You've got a lot going on here!! I love reading about fellow bloggers projects and DIY works, I may just want to stay tuned and see how it goes;))
Thanks for your kind words and for following me. I am a followers of yours too!
Wish you a great day !
xo, Flaviana