Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Living Room Paint Options

As a result of our new couches, which are a lovely cream and taupe jacquard, the pink walls in my living room had to go.

I wanted to go for a cream color that would be kind of tone-on-tone with the couches (I thought that might make their petite stature a little less odd looking!) Or a light gray that would make all the gold tones I have in the room really pop.

Somehow, however, this was remarkably difficult to do. The wall over the couch gets lots of direct sunlight during the day, and is flanked by two lamps with fluorescent bulbs at night, which does really strange things to colors! Things kept looking very blue during the day, or strangely green at night.

Here they are in daylight:

1) Bronzed Beige- Benjamin Moore
2) Gilded Linen- Valspar
3) Frosted Shadow- Valspar
4) Ballet White- Benjamin Moore
5) Montpelier Madison White- Valspar
6) Timid White- Benjamin Moore
7) Montpelier Madison White with 50% White added- Valspar
8) Luna- Valspar
9) Churchill Hotel Vanilla- Valspar
10) Saffron Ivory- Valspar
I also tested Pirate Coast and Pearl Ash, both Valspar, but those got painted over!

And the same colors at night:

Check out number 1- it went from Coffee Ice Cream to Pea Soup! And 2, Gilded Linen, in any other light looked almost gold, but here it looks steel grey. 7 and 8 also really had no blue in them, but looked very blue in daylight. Go figure. I really liked #4, but it was a little dark, and tended toward maroon at night.
But number 6, that's looking promising! Silvery during the day and gold-ish at night, it might just work!
So now I'm off to prime the heck out of that wall... stand by to see what happens next!

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Pamela said...

I like the aqua color in your rug and think it might make a nice wall color. I'm rather partial to strong color.