Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Bang

Hey All!
The other day I got a good Groupon for a salon near me that I hadn't tried yet. It was for a cut and single process color for just under the price I normally pay for a haircut. I figured, why not? I haven't had my hair professionally colored since the "Great Pumpkin" incident of '97 (don't ask!), but I figured with fall coming up it was a good time for a change from the highlights (they weren't looking very good with my winter-white skin!)
I also have been riding that retro feeling for awhile now, and I knew I wanted something a little more polished in a cut, but something still sexy. Which led me to the question: to bang, or not to bang? I knew I didn't want that long in-your-eyes fringe that's all the rage right now. I've had that before and it drives me crazy and frankly doesn't look very good. So... maybe something a little more Bettie Page,

 or Audrey Hepburn?

 Well, I still hadn't made up my mind by the time I got to the salon, but the stylist was really wonderful about helping me choose the right color, and then helping me decide on the fringe issue.

So here I was before: (Though it was never this styled!)

And here's the after:

And pulled half back:

I kind of love it! It's SO different from what it has been in a long time that I keep startling myself in the mirror! Of course now I'm back trying to re-figure my makeup and clothing so it makes sense with the new dramatic do... oh the things women have to deal with!
Happy Fall!

Oh, and if you're in my area and want to check out where the magic happened: Allure Hair Spa in Northborough , MA.

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