Thursday, September 2, 2010

Birthday Hoedown

Since Hubby's birthday falls the day after mine (and now Tembo's is two days before!), we (I) usually take it as an excuse for a nice big party! This year I decided to have a hoedown- give everyone a chance to get dressed up in funny clothes and maybe do a little square dancing.
Unfortunately, Hubby was in charge of photos while I ran around hostessing, so there's not a single shot of the decor! I'll check around with everyone else to see if they have one, but in the meantime here are a few great shots of the friends and family all dressed up and having fun!

Hubby, his mummy, and Tembo- who really looks in photos like he should have been named Gromit (as in Wallace and Gromit!)

Me and Hubby. (I'm trying to convince him he needs to dress like this all the time- hot dang!)

My sister-in-law and her daughter, Lana.

Hubby's brother and my nephew, Dylan, who totally knows what to do with that cowboy hat!

He also had fun with the bandanna stash he found!

Mummy teaching Lana her first sentence, "I want a puppy!"

The too-cool guys (by brother and my sister's boyfriend.)

My BFF and her husband (she looked super cute, but somehow I only have this rather unflattering photo- sorry girl!!)

The Lone Ranger, err, Mom's husband. Not sure how he ended up over there by himself, maybe he felt bad that we'd lugged all that furniture out there and no one was sitting in it!

Happy family on the swing.

The babies having fun.

My and my (other) sister breaking in on the baby fun.

Even Toby got in on the theme! Doesn't he look pleased with his outfit?...

Tembo had so much dirty fun that he got banished outside until I got a chance to clean him off! I don't think he minded, though, more dirt!!

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