Friday, October 2, 2009

How to Clean a Teacup and Other DIY Tips and Tricks

Do you have teacups that look like this?

Do you want them to look like this instead?

Then go and get yourself some of this!

(Those would be denture cleaning tablets...) Simply drop one, or part of one, tablet into the cup filled with water, and let it sit and effervesce. When the bubbles stop, wash as normal!

There are so many of these great little homemade tips and tricks out there! And they are so hard to remember unless you find them just when you need them... I picked that particular trick up from my mother-in-law.

She also taught me this one:
Out of copper polish?
Need to shine a something copper?
Sprinkle half a lime with salt and use that to scrub your copper item, then wash and buff dry!

Toothpaste is used for all sorts of things in my house- but it has to be paste, not gel. I use it as blemish cream, just dot it on and leave it overnight.
And as silver polish, for jewelry it's great in a pinch! Just put some on your fingers, smear all over the jewelry, scrub a bit (with your fingers) and watch that black tarnish come off. Rinse, dry and sparkle!

What tips and tricks do you know and use?


Anna said...

Oh I'll have to use the denture tablet trick because I have some seriously filthy mugs. I wonder if I'll get some funny looks buying them...

I have two tricks that are great for dinner parties:
1. If you spill red wine on a tablecloth, pour some salt on it and it'll help soak up the wine.
2. If you drip candle wax on the tablecloth (or any fabric), let it cool and then put some paper towel over the wax, turn the fabric inside out, and then iron it until the wax melts off onto the paper towel.

Greet said...

First I want to thank you for the sweet comment on my blogpost!
And thank you so much for that wonderful tip you give on your blogpost today! I really dit not know that and you can be sure I am gonna try this out!