Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Las Vegas, Here We Come!

My poor hubby is once again being sent to a fascinating location to spend a week workin' his butt off. But that means that lucky old me- I get to go for a little vaca! As you may have guessed from my not-so-cryptic heading, we're off to Vegas!

Neither of us has ever been to Vegas. Neither of us gambles. Neither of us has seen anything of the mid-west, and hubby has been DYING to see some canyons and is practically groaning in pain at the thought of being less than three hours drive to about 6 different famous sights and completely unable to take the time to see them! We'll be out there for about a week, so there is a small hope that the project will move unexpectedly quickly and we will be able to get away.

In the meantime, I will be wandering up and down the Strip, exploring the casinos, hotels, museums, and any sort of free or cheap entertainment I can find.
I will not be gambling!
I hate gambling! Some well-meaning family members invited me to join them at a casino day a few months ago. My step-mom even gave me money with which to gamble, thinking that losing someone else's money would make it more fun! But it didn't. I spent about 2 hours wandering around losing the first $30 slowly and painfully, at which point my sisters took me to a video machine and FORCED me to HAVE SOME FUN! (aka, lose the rest of my money.)

So I don't get it. I mean, why would I go feed my money into some machine that flashes silly pictures at me when I could just as easily walk over to the shops and spend that same money with MUCH better odds? I mean, I've NEVER walked into a store, handed them money and NOT gotten something in return! My sister keeps pointing out that you get free drinks when you gamble, but I just can't drink fast enough to make that work either! I mean, even losing as slowly as I possibly could I was only able to comsume 4 beverages in the time it took me to lose $60. Now where is she drinking that 4 drinks cost more than $60?!

Anyway, my hubby's admin booked us into Circus Circus, because apparently his wife's presence meant that she should put us in a "family friendly" hotel rather than the usual Planet Hollywood. (I also don't get that...) And while I'm not thrilled about staying in a place where most of the reviews mention something about the throngs of unsupervised, screaming children, I am pretty excited to be staying across the street from the brand new Wynn, and next to Fashion Show Mall! Unfortunately, the Wynn has closed its art gallery, but it seems that a keen eye will find Picassos and Renoirs hanging in the lobby itself!

We're off tomorrow, and back next Wednesday. Hopefully I'll get some good pictures to share with everyone when we get back!

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