Friday, September 5, 2008

Think Pink!

"Well," I said to myself, "there is, after all, not a lot you can do to un-do the impact of full-on 80's pink and black tile. And since pink is the new black..." I decided to embrace the pink whole- heartedly:

I went for "Le Bathe" with a strong pink boudoir-ish color, and some cheeky accessories. The picture in the corner is an old Victorian porn print (she is showing cleavage and has a VERY large feather in her hair...) and above the sink I've displayed a pair of pink and black poodle shaped soaps that a friend gave me ages ago. A shimmery cream and gold shower curtain and coordinating towels keep it all from being too dark.

Someday I plan to make the mirror frame metallic (I can't decide whether to go silver or gold, is gold just too predictable?) And new lights will be nice, maybe a shimmery chandelier when the budget allows...

- To remove the wallpaper I peeled off the big pieces, then scratched up the leftover bits and sprayed them with the anti-adhesive Zinsser DIF.
- DIF made a MESS! It was more work removing the goo residue than scraping the adhesive itself. We're talking four hours of scrubbing mess! I have since been told that simply spraying the walls with water and then scraping off the adhesive is simplest.
- The walls and ceiling were primed with KILZ basic white primer and allowed to dry for about 4 hours. If I were to do it again I would allow the primer to dry overnight. I did get some streaking that showed through.
- The paint color is 3 coats of Olympic Heart's Desire in a semi-gloss from Lowes. I would choose a lower-gloss version of this paint next time- a flat or eggshell paint would be much more forgiving of the streaking I got on the first layer from not letting the primer dry enough. Also, I might observe that the Olympic semi-gloss is VERY shiny.
TIME: About two days
COST: About $50 all told... so far!

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